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Organic Style  /  October 2004  /  Fresh Living Home

“You might cry over spilt milk, but don’t worry about the rug. PMB Designs’ runners are hand-painted canvas topped with layers of sealer and wax, so they’re thoroughly stain-proof. Choose from any of the 24 multicolored mod designs or have one custmized to suit your style.”

Walls, Windows & Floors  /  October 2004  /  Textured Rugs

“Enhance your decor from the floor up with a customized hand-painted canvas rug from PMB Designs.”

Metro  /  Monday, August 2, 2004  /  House Stuff

“With her design company PMB Designs, Baun has reinvented the canvas rug as a modern and utilitarian floor covering. She uses bright colors and geometric designs to create the hand-painted rugs that are made on heavy-duty canvas. They offer the beauty of a rug with the durability and easy maintenance of linoleum or wood.”

Metropolitan Home  /  May - June 2004  /  Design 100: No. 11

“Patricia Baun's painted floor coverings—sealed with Varathane—are great for spaces that call out for color but take lots of abuse: hallways, kitchens, even living room floors.”

Canadian House & Home  /  May 2004  /  Fab Finds: It's Graphic

“Give your family room or front hall a hit of garden-inspired colour with a pretty, durable rug that can withstand foot traffic. PMB Designs' punchy canvas floorcloths are sealed with several layers of varnish, making them resistant to scuffs and easy to wipe clean.”

Western Living  /  April 2004  /  Nice Rug

“Patrica Baun recommends throwing her art on the floor. Her PMB Designs has introduced its second line of canvas rugs in two years; the rugs are in essence paintings for the floor—Baun coats heavy canvas with enough latex paint to give it the texture of thick leather. Colours and patterns are simple and bold; Baun's focus for the new line is on curved rugs that ‘draw you from one room to the next—why have a rectangle inside another rectangle?’”

Canadian House & Home  /  April 2004  /  Style Files: Get Fresh

“It’s a surface that’s rarely used as a spot to showcase artwork, but think about it: a room’s floor is really akin to a blank ‘wall’. Why not fill that space with a different kind of art: a custom-designed carpet?”

Home Magazine  /  April 2004  /  Home Front

“If you are searching for a rug to match that new sofa to a T, look no further. With PMB Designs, a Vancouver-based company that’s reinventing the floorcloth—a concept that originated in France and was popularized in colonial America—you can dream up your own composition to complement a defining color or pattern in your home.”

Canadian Interiors  /  March  -  April 2004  /  Toronto the Bene

“The 2004 Interior Design Show had a definite dash of European panache ... Vancouver-based PMB Designs provided another huge jolt of colour. The company makes vibrant canvas rugs (sometimes intensely vibrant), hand-painted with geometric patterns.”

Chez Soi  /  March 2004  /  My Label is my Carpet

(translated from French) “In the minds of ordinary people carpets are made of sisal, wool or of polypropylene, For original people, canvases painted by hand, coated with varnish, can also enter into the equation. And the carpets are sure to please even more when they forget to be rectangular or square such as the carpets of Patricia Baun. Nec plus ultra of Vancouver cool, the 2004 collection of PMB Designs, sign their floors with a geometry unseen before, the expression of unique personalities.”

Interior Design  /  February 2004  /  Flooring: Building Blocks

“Patricia M. Baun hand-paints her Custom Design 08 floorcloth with soft rectangles in olive and sage—or any custom color. Baun neatly hems her edges and seals with Varathane, applying nonskid backings upon request.”

The Georgia Straight  /  February 26  -  March 4, 2004  /  Design-Minded Artist Makes Floor Coverings Her Canvas  /  Online Editorial

“Baun’s custom-designed canvas rugs are clearly no ordinary floor covering: with their signatures of forthright colour and arresting development, they are art at ground level.”

The Toronto Star  /  February 14, 2004  /  Condo Living: Not Your Typical Home Furnishings

“Vancouver-based PMB Designs will have an eye-catching selection of hand-painted, custom-designed canvas rugs on display.‘Essentially they are paintings for the floor,’ said creative director Patricia Baun.The colourful rugs come in various shapes and sizes, with all kinds of patterns. She also does custom designs.”