the studio

Since the introduction of Maude Décor’s distinctive hand-painted canvas rugs in 2002, the studio has been approached with custom requests of every variety. Having re-invigorated an age old tradition with fresh infusions of energy and color, Baun was quickly recognized as versatile and gifted in her ability to creatively bridge both context and medium.


Attracted by the striking explorations of color and pattern that marked Baun’s collections, clients began asking how else Maude Décor’s designs might be brought into their living spaces. While remaining grounded in her unique milieu, Baun was soon entertaining and fulfilling diverse requests for quality hand-knotted wool, wallpaper, glass, tile and custom fabrics.


Simultaneously, Baun’s flair for launching innovative collections marked by an artist’s eye for color and concept attracted attention for its purely aesthetic appeal. Answering with a line of limited edition archival prints, the studio of Maude Décor has moved in all directions since.


In addition to customizing its production applications, Maude Décor also works directly with clients to develop custom design. Whether working from the motif of a favoured family heirloom or a similarly inspired notion, Maude Décor now produces custom design for home and office alike.


Rarely has a company offered such a selection of contemporary rug designs made from both hand-painted canvas and quality wool. For the floor, but with all sides and surfaces covered, Maude Décor continues to evolve, bringing with it a fresh infusion of colour to all varieties of living space.