about patricia

Patricia Baun has always seen the world through a slightly different lens, one imbued with a kaleidoscopic palette of potential.  In 2002, she harnessed her energies and launched a series of hand-painted canvas rugs under the name PMB Designs.  Putting a modern spin on the centuries old tradition of floorcloths, Baun found both her medium and an audience.

Fueled by a desire to imbue living spaces with expressive fills of colour and concept, Baun’s collections have grown in number, diversity and popularity ever since. 

As with any dream, the vision changes, develops and matures.  Bold, modern patterns were joined by organic patchworks.  Raindrops, grass blades, constellations and crop circles: wherever pattern has emerged, Baun has found inspiration.

“I believe inspiration surrounds us, and that sometimes you just need to slow down and take the time to see it.  For example, have you ever seen the juxtaposition of an Arbutus tree’s red bark against a crisp blue sky? Or have you laid beneath a tree in Spring and gazed towards the sky through a canopy of fresh green leaves? Inspiration is everywhere if you can see it; to be able to inspire others is a gift.”


Baun came to realize that her unique ability to combine color and create striking patterns could be extended beyond canvas rugs. Once again, she revived a cherished piece of the past and created Maude Décor, a company whose name pays homage to her late grandmother.  Maude Décor marked more than a name change. For Baun, it has led to increasingly creative ambitions and with it she continues to take the revolution of floor rugs in unanticipated directions.