summiting the stars with spring 2008 launch

This Spring, Vancouver designer, Patricia Baun, is stepping to new heights with a pair of bold new rug collections: Famous Canadian Mountains and Star Quest.

The Famous Canadian Mountain collection engages in an aerial perspective, colorfully capturing the contours of some of the country's most recognizable ranges. In bringing the topography of Mount Logan, Mount Tremblant and the Three Sisters to canvas (among others), Baun has scaled each peak in a style completely her own. Bringing the mightiest features of Canada's landscape down to earth, the Famous Canadian Mountain collection speaks to the explorer within us all. For a preview click here.

The second collection, Star Quest, has Baun directing our gaze into the great beyond. Born from the desire to rekindle our fascination with the skies above, the Star Quest series takes its inspiration from a selection of constellations: Andromeda, Orion, Aquarius, Draco, Pisces, Hydra and Ursa Major. As above, so below, the elemental architecture of the heavenly bodies is maintained with the added grace of color and whimsy that has marked so much of Maude Décor's creative work. For a preview of the Star Quest collection click here.

Both the Famous Canadian Mountain and Star Quest collections will be officially launched at the Interior Design Show in Toronto, running February 21-24, 2008.