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The Province  /  Friday, December 12, 2003  /  New Home Stuff

“The reaction to PMB Design’s locally made bold canvas rugs ‘has been overwhelming’ says creative director Patricia Baun. The floorcloths are being snapped up by designers and home decorators looking for new and fresh ways to accent and protect floors.”

Elle Decor  /  November 2003  /  Etcetera: Walk this Way

“Style goes underfoot with rugs awash in stripes, florals, and checks — and more sublime designs.”

residences:decoration  /  November 2003  /  tendances

(translated from French) “With her, its difficult not to see the world in technicolour. Every colour and shape originates from her palette in her Vancouver studio. What a way to revive any interior design!”

LDB Interior Textiles  /  October 2003  /  Floor Show

“Patricia M. Baun, creative director of PMB Designs paints her geometric designs on primed canvas before they are sealed with varathane, hemmed, waxed and polished.”

The Globe and Mail  /  Saturday, October 11, 2003  /  The Wipe-clean Rug

“ ... while the Cooper school favours flowery borders, Vancouver artist Patricia Baun takes a more geometric approach, with bright, graphic designs that are getting plenty of ink in the home decor press ...While Baun’s Web site features a roster of standard designs, from “zigzag” to “colour bars,” she also welcomes orders for custom designs and sizes. Typically, “people will provide a sketch and some colours and I will do some options and throw in a couple more,” says Baun, who counts Frank Stella, Guido Molinari and Mondrian as influences (she also finds inspiration in old textiles).”

All the Best for Your Home  /  The Globe and Mail  /  Fall 2003 Rugs That Rock

“Meanwhile, PMB Designs in Vancouver ... makes hand-painted canvas rugs that are almost works of art. Although canvas rugs date back to the 1700s, their popularity today rests in the folk-craft approach taken in their manufacture. Heavy-grade cotton canvas is used to ensure the rugs lay solidly and mould to the floor.”

Style at Home  /  October 2003  /  Home & Style

“Patricia Baun will floor you with hand-painted canvas rugs by her company PMB Designs. The Vancouver-based firm opened in fall 2002, producing eye-popping rugs in graphic patterns and vivid colours that stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use.”

AD: Architectural Digest  /  September 2003  /  Trendy Rugs

(translated from French) “Geometric themes from the 70s draped in vivid colours and in a soft harmony. The drawings of designer Patricia Baun are created by hand on an extremely tough sheet and protected by a varnished finish. An original way to dress up a dull floor or a small surface.”

Dwell  /  September 2003  /  Flooring 101 Sink Into This

“Inspired by one-of-a-kind artisan rugs, PMB Designs offers customizable hand-painted canvas rugs. In keeping with the current trend toward mass customization, PMB allows you to choose your own shape, your own size, and best of all your own groovy geometric pattern.”

Home Decor Buyer  /  August 2003  /  Is there a Canadian style?

“Patricia M. Baun signs and dates each rug for PMB Designs. The heavy-cotton cloth is painted with acrylics applied three times to ensure color saturation and eveness. Rugs are sealed, hemmed, waxed and polished.”

Interior Design  /  July 2003  /  Flooring

“If shag isn't your bag, you might prefer the sublimely sleek profile of Patricia Baun's hand-painted canvas rugs. Besides boasting bold geometrics, the rugs are resistant to water, stains and fading. They're hypoallergenic, too.”

HFN Weekly of Products Retailing  /  July 21, 2003  /  Floor Cloths From PBM Target the Color-Shy

“Aimed at consumers who might shy away from founder and creative-director Patricia Baun's bolder collections, the new B&B series, which stands for beige and brown, are hand-painted on canvas and designed for the home or office.”

LDB Interior Textiles  /  July 2003  /  Adding Flair to the Floor

“Patricia M. Baun, creative director of PMB Designs ... makes hand-painted canvas rugs, protecting the acrylic-on-canvas design with varathane sealer. From the B series (short for beige and brown) W-BB1/C-2002/03-BB1 offers a more subdued palette but retains Baun's stylish flair. The floor coverings wear like quality linoleum, but are portable.”

The Vancouver Sun At Home  /  July 11, 2003  /  A Walk of Art

Baun's floor art has caught the attention of Canadian home magazines. Perhaps most important for Baun, interior designers are also smitten. Mara Miller, of Sara Bengur & Associates in New York, just finished a house that used Baun's floor runners and area rugs in the client's kitchen and pantry. Miller describes Baun's work as breathing new life in the craft, adding that Baun has taken a traditional craft and put a distinctly modern spin on it and saying she hopes to use Baun's rugs again and again.

PlaisirsdeVivre Living with Style  /  June  -  July 2003

“Painted and sealed with several coats of varnish, the cotton canvas becomes a sturdy rug with a unique pattern. Signed and dated by the designer.”

Architectural Record  /  June 2003 Interiors  /  Product of the Month: Painted Canvas Rugs

“Artist and rug maker Patricia Baun saw a niche in the interiors market for hand-painted canvas rugs featuring striking color combinations and modern patterns. Baun says the heavy-weight cotton canvas rugs, available through her Vancouver-based design studio, PMB Designs, offer the best attributes of textile-based floor coverings, including organic texture, pliable feel, and handcrafted quality, while featuring the vivid colors and ease of maintenance generally associated with synthetic flooring.”

LA Architect  /  May  -  June 2003  / Product Watch: Materials and Trends

“British Columbia based PMB Designs offers hand painted canvas rugs in custom colors and sizes. The bold patterns and durable surfaces are neo-geo for your floor.”

Azure  /  May  -  June 2003  /  Forms & Functions

“Art-school grad Patricia Baun’s handpainted floorclothes are an attractive alternative to fiber-based rugs for allergy sufferers and those who are simply after something different. Painted on heavy canvas in Baun’s studio, these rugs come in a range of standard patterns, colours and sizes and are also available in custom colours.”

Woman’s Day Specials Walls, Windows & Floors  /  Summer 2003  /  Style Notes: Trendspotting

“Bring your floors to life with the bold, graphic patterns and vibrant color of zesty hand-painted rugs from PMB Designs, the new firm of 34-year-old British Columbian designer Patricia Baun. Made of heavy cotton canvas with several coats of primer, acrylic-based paint and sealant, the finished rugs resemble linoleum flooring.”

Finishing Touches  /  May   -  June 2003  /  Rugs Explode with Color

“The lowly rug has been elevated to an art form worthy of hanging on the wall of any gallery, but is even more valuble when used on the floor. Each hand-painted rug was created by Patricia Baun in a variety of patterns in bold, unapologetic color schemes.”

Les Idees de Ma Maison  /  May 2003  /  Full-Colour Rugs

(translated from French) “What better way to wake up a decor than with a little bit of youth! The principle material of these innovative rugs : Colour. PMB Designs, a small Vancouver enterprise, creates these ornately coloured rugs from a cotton canvas that is adorned with three successive layers of colour, all sealed and protected beneath a layer of varnish. All proposed designs can be seen on the company’s website; you can also decide on a custom design and colour scheme with Patricia Maude Baun, the artist responsible for these rugs that are high on colour.”

Chez Soi  /  May 2003  /  PMB Designs

(translated from French) “It takes great deal of audacity to toil over artistic creations. From her Vancouver studio, Patricia M. Baun, of PMB Designs, introduces rugs created from hand-painted canvas, protected beneath several layers of varnish and applied to a non-slip surface. Signed and dated, each rug is unique. Resistant to water, every-day wear and discoloration, they are not as temperamental as vinyl, other than that, they know how to speak for themselves.”

Vancouver Magazine  /  April 2003  /  Supply and Demand

“Few would dare consider a painted rug for modern living. One spilled glass of red wine and game over. That in mind, Vancouver’s Patricia Baun has invented a canvas rug line, PMB Designs, that requires no more maintenance than a lowly wipe-and-go linoleum floor. A graduate of both Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and UBC Fine Arts, her colour play and graphic patterns ... are so striking, you’ll be reluctant to walk on them.”

HFN Weekly of Products Retailing  /  March 17, 2003  /  PMB Goes Modern With Floor Cloths

'There are two things that make the canvas rugs I make different from [those of] both my predecessors and my contemporaries.' she said. 'The first is my approach to design. I have a very clean, bold, modern aesthetic. The second thing that makes my rugs different is my choice in materials and attention to detail. I use a heavyweight cotton canvas that molds to the floor. It doesn’t bunch up and move around like a flimsy piece of fabric.'