proven performance

Any company can make claims about their product and many are less than accurate. That is why Maude Décor decided to have their rugs tested by one of the leading independent textile testing laboratories in the USA. We wanted to be able to prove that our rugs were what we claimed them to be.


Our painted canvas rugs underwent several controlled and scientific experiments designed to measure everything from stain resistance, to moisture penetration, to fire retardantcy, to everyday wear and tear.



Tested for: Results:
moisture penetration no moisture penetration detected after 10,000 impacts
hexapod cycles 12,000 hexapod cycles were needed before any moderate change to the carpet's appearance was apparent, they have a TARR level of 3, which means they are recommended for heavy traffic applications; areas such as corridors, conference rooms, auditoriums, open offices, entrance ways and areas where large number of people gather
colorfastness after 2 cycles (40 AFU's) there was no change in appearance
foot traffic only after 20,000 cycles of foot traffic did our samples show moderate change
flammability samples tested meet both US and Canadian federal flammability standards
stain resistance
coffee no stain
cola slightly stained
copy toner no stain
fruit juice (orange) no stain
permanent ink noticeably stained
lipstick no stain
plant food (Peters) slightly stained
shoe polish no stain
tea (hot herbal) negligible stain
liquid paper (white) no stain