When preparing to lay your canvas rug begin by clearing and cleaning the area where the rug will be laid giving yourself as much extra room as you can. It will also be helpful if you can find someone to assist you, especially if the rug is large.


Remove the cap from one end of the shipping tube and gently pull the rug out. Try not to squeeze it as you do so. Unroll the rug and remove the paper it is wrapped in. At this point the rug will be upside down (the painted side facing the floor). You and your partner should then go to opposing corners at one end of the rug. Pick up the end of the rug and walk towards the rug’s middle, exposing the painted surface. Continue walking until the rug has been turned over completely making certain not to kink or crease the rug while you are in the process of flipping it. Once the rug has been turned over adjust it’s position on the floor so that it is laying where you want it. Make sure any final adjustments are made before any furniture is placed upon it.


Because of the nature of its materials and construction your canvas rug may not lay completely flat at first, please do not force it. The rug may be cold due to storage or transport and it may also have been wrapped for a period of time. Give your rug several hours to acclimate to its new environment; it will eventually relax and lay flat by itself. Forcing your rug to lay flat risks cracking and damaging its finish.


In general, take care when handling your canvas rug, as kinking, folding or creasing it may create blemishes and/or cracks on its surface. Once the rug has been laid on the floor these issues are no longer a concern.